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201 Intriguing Wine Captions For Instagram

Are you a wine lover looking for the perfect captions to pair with your Instagram posts? Then no worries! I have curated a list of wine-themed captions that will add an extra sparkle to your photos. So, why not find perfect wine captions to match your pictures? 

Captions add context and humor to these wine photos. Wine captions describe the varietal, vintage, or event. They actively welcome comments and engage followers. Captions also express enjoyment of the grape and craft.

In the below blog, you will find some amazing wine captions from our messages and quotes category. I have shared various kinds of Instagram captions for you including wine quotes, puns, etc. Don’t wait to choose the best-matched caption for your next post! S

What Day Is National Red Wine Day?

Red Wine Day is this special day when people all around the world celebrate their love for red wine. It happens on August 28th every year.

On this day, wine lovers around the world come together to savor their favorite red wines, explore new varieties, and perhaps even learn a bit more about the history and craftsmanship that goes into making each bottle. 

Want to learn about wine types? If yes, then you can find 13 types of wine and everything you need to know about it on Masterclass website.

Wine Captions

Find amazing wine captions below to share on Instagram:

wine quotes and wine captions
  • Sip by Sip, I Embrace the Bliss
  • Wine is the Answer. What Was the Question?
  • A Toast to the Good Life: Cheers!
  • Wine: Because Adulting is Hard
  • In Vino Veritas: In Wine, There is Truth
  • Wine Tasting: Where Every Sip is a Journey
  • A Hug in a Glass
  • Wine Not? Life’s Too Short for Bad Choices
  • “Wine and Dine: A Match Made in Heaven
  • Enjoying the delicious flavors of wine, one sip at a time. Cheers! 🍷🥂 #WineLove #SipHappiness
  • Raise a glass to the smooth and tasty world of wine. Cheers to good times! 
  • Taste the magic of grapes turned into wine, bringing smiles with every sip.
  • Sipping wine, making memories. Here’s to laughter and good company! 
  • Savoring wine, creating memories – because every sip is a journey. Cheers to new experiences! 🍷✨ 

Wine Instagram Captions

wine captions

Want some catchy wine Instagram captions? Then use below captions for your personal and business Instagram account:

  • Pour, sip, savor – repeat. Life’s simple joys in a glass of wine.
  • Here’s to late nights, great friends, and a bottle of your favorite wine. 🌙🍷
  • Let the worries fade as the wine flows. Cheers to relaxation and good times! 
  • Red, white, or rosé? I’ll take all three please.
  • My kind of happy hour.
  • Life is too short to drink bad wine.
  • Wine-ing down for the weekend.
  • A bottle of love in every glass.
  • A glass a day keeps the stress away.
  • Cheers to the weekend! 🍷
  • Wine o’clock anywhere, anytime.
  • This sunshine calls for a nice glass of rosé.
  • Good wine is a turn on. 🍷
  • A little vino never hurt anyone.
  • When in doubt, uncork a bottle.
  • My BFF (best Friday friend) is wine.
  • Sipping my way through the week.
  • Red makes me happy.
  • Time for my daily dose of grape juice.
  • The days may be long but the wine is strong.
  • It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right? 🍷
  • Whine? No, wine.
  • My happy place is a vineyard.

Funny Wine Captions

funny wine quotes

Ready for funny wine captions that will actually make your audience laugh? Let’s start.

  • I’m only drunk when I’m sober.
  • I’m not an alcoholic, I’m a connoisseur.
  • On the first day God created the heavens and the earth…and then he made wine.
  • Life is too short to drink crappy wine.
  • If it’s not wine o’clock, I don’t want to know.
  • I’m not drinking, I’m sampling the 2001 Barolo.
  • A bottle of wine contains fewer calories than a glass of wine because you usually spill some of the bottle.
  • Spill it like it’s hot.
  • If you drink, don’t park. Accidents cause people.
  • Drink. Text. Regret.
  • I’m only late because I didn’t want to drink and drive.
  • I drink wine so people will like me. It’s not working.
  • I’m not an alcoholic but my liver is.
  • I see drunk people. And they see me.
  • The cure for everything is wine…or the path to everything wrong.

Sophisticated Wine Captions

Some classic wine captions for your Instagram account:

  • “In wine, there is wisdom.”
  • “Sip, savor, and celebrate.”
  • “Wine: because no good story ever started with a salad.”
  • “Indulge in the art of wine.”
  • “Life is too short to drink bad wine.”
  • “Each sip tells a story, a tale of craftsmanship and elegance.”

Wine Quotes For Instagram

Time to find the best quotes for wine. Try below quotes to post on Instagram:

  • “Wine makes daily living easier, less hurried, with fewer tensions and more tolerance.” – Benjamin Franklin
  • “With age comes wisdom, but sometimes age comes alone.” – Oscar Wilde
  • “I drink to make other people more interesting.” – Ernest Hemingway
  • “Wine is bottled poetry.” – Robert Louis Stevenson
  • “A bottle of wine begs to be shared.” – Julia Child
  • “Here is a truth about wine: No wine ever tasted as good as it does in the moment when you realize you will never taste its like again.” – Ann Kidd Taylor
  • “If you ever run into someone who doesn’t drink wine, introduce them to me.” – Carrie Bradshaw
  • “Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant, every day more civilized.” – Andre Simon
  • “Wine is sunlight, held together by water.” – Galileo Galilei
  • “The best thing about wine—it makes you feel happy, sad, naughty and sexy all at the same time.” – Aziz Ansari

Wine Quotes 

Let’s have a look at some wine quotes that captures the true essence of wine love:

  • “There are few things in life as pleasurable as a glass of red wine at the end of the day.” – Richard Gere
  • “You can’t feel bad while drinking wine – it’s physically impossible.” – Bob Saget
  • “Wine is laughter. Milk is sadness.” – Paulo Coelho
  • “The only way to feel totally comfortable on an airplane is to drink wine.” – Steve Martin
  • “Wine is bottled poetry.” – Robert Louis Stevenson
  • “You drink wine for culture and love, not for drunkenness.” – Leonardo da Vinci
  • “Red wine goes with fish like cigarettes lend your conversation breath.” – Anthony Bourdain
  • “Wine is an bottled argument.” – John Barrymore
  • “Drink wine and live happily – it is a good motto.” – Vikrant Parsai
  • “I cook with wine. Sometimes Ia even add it to the food.” – W.C. Fields

Short Wine Quotes

Want short and sweet wine quotes? Find ready-to-use wine quotes below:

  • “Drink wine and see the stars.”
  • “A day without wine is like.”
  • “Find your happy with a glass of red.”
  • “Wine, dance, laugh and be happy.”
  • “My favorite flavor? Cabernet.”
  • “My celebration drink of choice.”
  • “A sip of joy with every glass.”
  • “Today calls for rosé.”
  • “Sipping makes me happy.”
  • “Good company, good wine.”
  • “Unwinding over a Malbec.”
  • “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!”
  • “Chardonnay, please and thank you.”
  • “You had me at Merlot.”
  • “My happy hour star.”

Funny Wine Quotes

Laugh hard because its funny wine quotes that you will find full of humour:

  • “I drink to make other people more interesting.”
  • “Red wine gives me a headache, white wine gives me a headache, and vodka gives me superpowers.”
  • “It takes a lot of wine to get me to this level of incoherence!”
  • “I was going to stop drinking but then I thought, ‘Do I really want to be awake right now?'”
  • “If God didn’t want us to drink, he wouldn’t have invented wine and given us a liver.”
  • “Cheap wine is never a good investment…unless you drink it all right away.”
  • “Grape expectations.”
  • “My liver is questioning all of my decisions.”
  • “I don’t have a drinking problem, I have a drinking solution.”
  • “If you don’t think too good, don’t think too much!”
  • “Wine improves with age – like myself.”
  • “I’m not offending easily, I’ve been drinking.”
  • “I seem to have a drinking problem when there’s no wine in the house.”
  • “Like me, this cheap wine gets better with each glass.”

Red Wine Quotes 

instagram wine captions

Here are all the red wine quotes to share with your loved ones:

  • “A red sunset makes me think of red wine.”
  • “There’s something about red wine that brings me joy.”
  • “Nothing says cozy evening like a glass of red.”
  • “A bottle of red is the perfect pairing.”
  • “Red is my happy color.”
  • “Call me classic, but red will always be my favorite.”
  • “Unwinding with my favorite red.”
  • “It wouldn’t be Friday without red wine.”
  • “A vintage red is my love language.”
  • “Some nights call for a big, bold Cabernet.”

Hilarious Wine Puns 

If you are a pun lover, you won’t miss these hilarious wine puns:

  • A Grape Responsibility
  • Wine Not?
  • Time to Wine Down
  • Pour Decision
  • Sip Happens
  • In Grapes We Trust
  • Raising the Steaks
  • Wine-ding Road
  • The Winemaker’s Philosophy
  • A Glass of Laughter
  • Bottled Poetry
  • Vintage Vibes

Wine And Food Pairing Captions 

Want to post a picture with food and wine? Find most suitable captions below:

  • A perfect combo: savoring noodles with a delightful glass
  • Cheers to this heavenly pairing
  • Tasting happiness with every bite and sip
  • Making moments memorable with this delectable duo
  • Elevating my meal to a new level of deliciousness
  • Celebrating the magic
  • Every dish has a perfect partner
  • Roses are red, violets are blue, wine is divine, and food pairing makes dreams come true! 
  • They say laughter is the best medicine, but have they tried pairing wine with laughter?
  • Wine and food, a duo so fine, they make every meal a delightful rhyme.

Quirky Wine Humor Captions

wine captions for instagram

Let’s have a fun with these quirky wine captions:

  • Wine improves with age. I improve with wine.
  • I cook with wine. Sometimes I even add it to the food!
  • I’m aging like a fine wine…a little fruity, a little bold, and definitely full-bodied!
  • I’m not a wine expert, but I can tell you when it’s time for a refill.
  • Warning: My sense of humor may cause uncontrollable snorting and excessive laughter.
  • I don’t trip over things, I do random gravity checks.
  • I’m not lazy, I’m just on energy-saving mode.
  • I have a black belt in sarcastic comebacks.
  • I’m not ignoring you, I’m just prioritizing my spontaneous daydreams.
  • I’m not a complete idiot, some parts are missing, and that’s what makes me quirky!
  • I like my wine how I like my jokes.

Wine And Travel Captions

Looking for a wine and travel captions? Find amazing caption choices below:

  • Passport? Check. Wine glass? Check. Ready to explore the world! One sip and one destination at a time!
  • Savoring local wines on a countryside stroll.
  • Exploring vineyards from dawn till dusk.
  • Hitting the road less traveled with a bottle in the backseat.
  • Trying new varietals in hidden gem regions.
  • Uncorking adventures wherever the winding roads may lead.
  • Lifting a glass to new cultures, landscapes and tastes.
  • Let’s grab our glasses and discover tomorrow’s hidden cellar.
  • The true elixir of wanderlust is found amidst the grapes.
  • One sip, a hundred memories in the making.
  • Tasting travels near and far, one varietal at a time.

Wine And Relaxation Captions

Share these captions with your vaccy picture holding a glass of wine and get instant likes.

  • Take a break, have a sip.
  • No rush, no hurry!A glass of wine to make the day a little easier. 
  • Evenings are cozier with a good book and a glass of wine.
  • A gentle sip of wine is like a mini escape, a moment of relaxation in a busy day.
  • When life gets overwhelming, I take a break with a glass of wine. 
  • Sitting back with a glass of wine is my favorite form of self-care.
  • Recharging!
  • Winter holidays call for warm moments.
  • The holidays are here, and so is the perfect red wine. 
  • Winter holidays and wine!
  • Holidays mean slowing down on a good wine.
  • It’s a good for a wine!

Captions for Wine Tasting Virtual Tutorial 

Own a winery? Then, find below wine tasting tutorial captions that will help you engage your audience for your business:

  • “Sip, Swirl, Delight! 🍷 Unveiling the Artistry of Wines in our Virtual Soirée. #WineWondersAtHome”
  • “Wine Tasting: Your Passport to Vineyard Voyages from the Couch! 🍇✈️ #TasteTheWorldThroughWine”
  • “Savor the Moments, Savor the Wines. Join Us for a Virtual Tasting Adventure! 🥂🌟 #SipAndSavorTogether”
  • “From Newbie to Connoisseur: Navigating the Universe of Wines Online. Cheers to Discovery! 🍾🌌 #VirtuallyWineSmart”
  • “Sip Happens! Unleash Your Inner Sommelier with our Interactive Virtual Wine Tutorial. 🍷🧐 #SipSipHooray”
  • “Wine Wonders Await: Pour, Explore, Engage! Join our Virtual Tasting Affair. 🍇👁️‍🗨️ #WineAdventuresOnline”
  • “Sip at Your Pace, Savor with Grace. Virtual Wine Tasting: Elevate Your Palate Game! 🥂👅 #SipToSavor”
  • “Sommelier-Led, Zoom-Fed: A Tasting Journey Beyond Borders. Indulge in Exquisite Flavors! 🍷🌍 #WineWanderlust”
  • “Wine Therapy: Sip, Smile, Repeat. Unwind with us in our Virtual Tasting Oasis! 🍾😊 #SipAndUnwind”
  • “Wine Euphoria Awaits: Uncork the Magic of Virtual Tasting with Fellow Enthusiasts. 🍇✨ #VirtualWineMagic”

Wine Etiquette Tips (Infographic)

Here are wine etiquette do’s and don’ts that you must take care while enjoying with close ones. These wine etiquettes will help you on how to enjoy a wine at the classy dinner party. Learn them and become a classy man or woman in the party.

Wine etiquette tips infographic

Bonus Content: Wine Hashtags Guide For Instagram

Here comes a bonus content for you all. So, I have categorised hashtags under various categories which you can add with your captions to get a good amount of reach on Instagram. Find the list of trending and popular wine hashtags below:

10 Most Popular Wine Hashtags:

  • #wine
  • #winelover
  • #winetasting
  • #vino
  • #winetime
  • #winelovers 
  • #winestagram
  • #instawine
  • #redwine
  • #wineoclock

10 Most Used Wine Hashtags:

  • #wineglass
  • #whitewine
  • #winenight
  • #winetour
  • #ilovewine
  • #winepairing
  • #winemaking
  • #winelove
  • #frenchwine
  • #foodwinewoman
  • #winenot
  • #winelife
  • #italianwine
  • #winegeek
  • #sparklingwine

10 Hashtags For Wine Pictures:

  • #cheers
  • #drinks
  • #vinchos
  • #winephotography
  • #cocktails
  • #foodandwine
  • #winecellar
  • #wineaddict
  • #winebottle
  • #bar
  • #winery 
  • #wineoftheday
  • #wineshop
  • #winemaker

10 Hashtags For Wine Tutorials:

  • #winecountry 
  • #winetasting
  • #wineries
  • #winetravel
  • #wineadventure
  • #wineeducation
  • #wine101
  • #veneto
  • #newzealandwine
  • #californiawine
  • #finewine
  • #pinkwine
  • #rosewine

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