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201 Intriguing Wine Captions For Instagram

wine captions for instagram

Are you a wine lover looking for the perfect captions to pair with your Instagram posts? Then no worries! I have curated a list of wine-themed captions that will add an extra sparkle to your photos. So, why not find perfect wine captions to match your pictures? 

Captions add context and humor to these wine photos. Wine captions describe the varietal, vintage, or event. They actively welcome comments and engage followers. Captions also express enjoyment of the grape and craft.

In the below blog, you will find some amazing wine captions from our messages and quotes category. I have shared various kinds of Instagram captions for you including wine quotes, puns, etc. Don’t wait to choose the best-matched caption for your next post! S

What Day Is National Red Wine Day?

Red Wine Day is this special day when people all around the world celebrate their love for red wine. It happens on August 28th every year.

On this day, wine lovers around the world come together to savor their favorite red wines, explore new varieties, and perhaps even learn a bit more about the history and craftsmanship that goes into making each bottle. 

Want to learn about wine types? If yes, then you can find 13 types of wine and everything you need to know about it on Masterclass website.

Wine Captions

Find amazing wine captions below to share on Instagram:

Wine Instagram Captions

Want some catchy wine Instagram captions? Then use below captions for your personal and business Instagram account:

Funny Wine Captions

Ready for funny wine captions that will actually make your audience laugh? Let’s start.

Sophisticated Wine Captions

Some classic wine captions for your Instagram account:

Wine Quotes For Instagram

Time to find the best quotes for wine. Try below quotes to post on Instagram:

Wine Quotes 

Let’s have a look at some wine quotes that captures the true essence of wine love:

Short Wine Quotes

Want short and sweet wine quotes? Find ready-to-use wine quotes below:

Funny Wine Quotes

Laugh hard because its funny wine quotes that you will find full of humour:

Red Wine Quotes 

Here are all the red wine quotes to share with your loved ones:

Hilarious Wine Puns 

If you are a pun lover, you won’t miss these hilarious wine puns:

Wine And Food Pairing Captions 

Want to post a picture with food and wine? Find most suitable captions below:

Quirky Wine Humor Captions

Let’s have a fun with these quirky wine captions:

Wine And Travel Captions

Looking for a wine and travel captions? Find amazing caption choices below:

Wine And Relaxation Captions

Share these captions with your vaccy picture holding a glass of wine and get instant likes.

Captions for Wine Tasting Virtual Tutorial 

Own a winery? Then, find below wine tasting tutorial captions that will help you engage your audience for your business:

Wine Etiquette Tips (Infographic)

Here are wine etiquette do’s and don’ts that you must take care while enjoying with close ones. These wine etiquettes will help you on how to enjoy a wine at the classy dinner party. Learn them and become a classy man or woman in the party.

Bonus Content: Wine Hashtags Guide For Instagram

Here comes a bonus content for you all. So, I have categorised hashtags under various categories which you can add with your captions to get a good amount of reach on Instagram. Find the list of trending and popular wine hashtags below:

10 Most Popular Wine Hashtags:

10 Most Used Wine Hashtags:

10 Hashtags For Wine Pictures:

10 Hashtags For Wine Tutorials:

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