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130 Retirement Wishes To Write In Retirement Cards (Tips And Examples)

Retirement wishes are becoming increasingly important to include in retirement cards. It’s nice to offer well-wishes to those beginning this new chapter in life.

This aritcle contains 130 retirement wishes to make someone feel happy about their retirement. The wishes address enjoying free time pursuits like travel, hobbies, and spending more time with family and friends. There are general wishes for happiness, good health, and prosperity. More specific wishes mention relaxing, sleeping in, or trying something new every day.

A retirement card is an inspiring way to wish your colleagues, friends, or family members. Let’s get started!  If you finding other kind of wishes like birthday wishes, goodbye wishes, or graduation wishes, you can find all of them on our blog.

Retirement Wishes For Colleagues

retirement wishes and messages
  • Time to kick back, relax, and rock that retirement life! Wishing you all the fun ahead!
  • Enjoy endless relaxation and joyful adventures in your well-deserved retirement journey.
  • Wishing you laughter, free time, and all the happiness you’ve earned. Happy retirement.
  • May your retirement be filled with hobbies, relaxation, and cherished moments with loved ones.
  • Here’s to the next exciting phase of life! May retirement bring you joy and fulfillment.
  • No more deadlines—just days of enjoyment ahead. Best wishes for your retirement!
  • May your retirement be a long vacation, with time to explore, dream, and relax.
  • Cheers to your hard work and the exciting journey ahead. Happy retirement!
  • May retirement offer you the chance to savor life’s simple pleasures. Enjoy every moment.
  • Sending you warm wishes for a retirement full of happiness, health, and new adventures.

Retirement Wishes For Employees

  • No more meetings, just sunny days and leisurely strolls. Happy retirement – you’ve earned it!
  • May your retirement be as epic as your stories from the office. Time to rock that hammock!
  • Wishing you a retirement filled with hobbies you love and naps you deserve. Cheers to your next chapter!
  • No more rush hour, just all the hours for yourself. Enjoy the sweet freedom of retirement!
  • Say goodbye to alarms, hello to no plans. May your retirement be as chill as a beach vacation!
  • No more early mornings, just the joy of doing what you love. Here’s to your amazing retirement journey.
  • Clock out of work, clock in for adventure! Enjoy exploring new paths in your retirement.
  • No more work emails, just new experiences awaiting. Happy retirement – let the fun begin!
  • To a retirement filled with joy, laughter, and extra hours of sleep. Cheers to brighter days ahead!
  • No more office drama, just happiness on your terms. Wishing you a fabulous retirement journey.
  • You’ve left the 9 to 5 behind – it’s time for 24/7 relaxation and happiness. Enjoy your retirement ride!

Retirement Wishes For Bosses

  • Step into retirement with excitement for the adventures ahead.
  • Your journey ahead is a road to happiness, laughter, and memories.
  • Wishing relaxation, joy, and wonderful moments in retirement.
  • Cheers to the next chapter – endless smiles and carefree days.
  • Enjoy the freedom of retirement, where each day is full of joy.
  • Here’s to retirement blending relaxation with fresh experiences.
  • May your days be painted with family, leisure, and exploration.
  • As you enter this new phase, each day holds the promise of discovery.
  • Retirement is a time to relish relaxation and the joy it brings.
  • Wishing you tranquil and smiling retirement years ahead.

Retirement Wishes For Friends

funny retirement wishes
  • Yay, it’s retirement time, my friend! No more work stress – just fun in the sun and all the good stuff.
  • Cheers to retirement, pal! Say goodbye to early wake-ups and hello to sleeping in and having a blast.
  • Congrats on retiring! Now you can enjoy more playtime, less work time, and all the things that make you smile.
  • Happy Retirement! Think of it as a never-ending weekend where you can do what you love every single day.
  • Woohoo, you’re retired! Get ready for awesome adventures and plenty of time to chill.
  • Yippee, it’s retirement day! Now you can relax, watch shows, and do all the things you enjoy most.
  • To a super-duper retired friend: Your new job is having fun and doing whatever makes you happy!
  • Cheers to retirement! Imagine a life with no traffic jams, just relaxation and good times.
  • Congratulations on retiring! Your mission now is to laugh a lot, take it easy, and eat plenty of ice cream.
  • No more work emails – just pure relaxation ahead. Time to rock that comfy style and have a blast!

Retirement Wishes For Family

inspiring retirement wishes
  • Your hard work deserves a break. Enjoy every moment of your retirement and cherish all the adventures ahead.
  • Retirement is your chance to write your own story. Wishing you a retirement filled with relaxation, laughter, and the company of loved ones.”
  • The alarm clock is off, and the fun clock is on. May your retirement be a delightful blend of relaxation and exciting new experiences.
  • Now it’s time for early morning coffees and lazy afternoons. Wishing you endless happiness and memorable moments ahead.
  • Your retirement is like a fresh canvas, waiting for you to paint it with vibrant experiences. Embrace the journey and savor each day.
  • Your dedication has brought you here, where every day is a holiday. May your retirement be a mix of sunshine, relaxation, and dreams fulfilled.
  • Retirement isn’t a finish line; it’s a launchpad for new dreams. May your days be filled with exciting opportunities, good health, and boundless happiness.

Retirement Wishes For Husband

emotional retirement wishes
  • Cheers to trading in your work boots for flip-flops! May retirement be the endless vacation you’ve always dreamt of, filled with sunny days and a permanent ‘out of office’ vibes.
  • Here’s to lazy mornings, spontaneous adventures, and cherishing every moment side by side. Happy retirement, my love.
  • Get ready to turn the page on your career and start a thrilling new adventure called retirement! May each day be as exciting as the next, and may you find joy in all the experiences ahead.
  • Congratulations on your retirement! It’s time to replace deadlines with dreams and meetings with moments. May your days be as boundless as your spirit, and your journey be filled with love and happiness.
  • No more office chairs – just hammocks! Wishing you a retirement where every day feels like a Saturday and you’re the captain of your relaxation cruise. Enjoy the leisurely voyage, my dear.
  • With retirement comes the gift of time, and I can’t wait to spend more of it with you. Here’s to writing the next chapter of our love story, one full of laughter, adventure, and endless togetherness.
  • Retirement isn’t an end; it’s the beginning of a fresh journey. May your path be lined with unexpected joys, and may each day bring you a step closer to the dreams you’ve held close to your heart.
  • Wishing my partner-in-crime a retirement filled with even more mischief and laughter. Let’s embrace this new phase of life hand in hand, creating beautiful memories as we go.
  • Say goodbye to the rush hours and hello to the ‘just because’ hours! May your retirement be a blend of relaxing sunsets, exciting sunrises, and a love that continues to grow.
  • Retirement is like a second chance at childhood, only with better toys and more wisdom! May you explore life’s playground with the enthusiasm of a child and the wisdom of a sage. Enjoy every moment, my forever young husband!

Retirement Wishes For Wife

  • Hey babe, congrats on officially joining the ‘No More Work’ club! Get ready for endless pajama days, spontaneous road trips, and all the fun we can handle. 
  • Well, look who’s free from the 9-to-5 grind! Here’s to you, partner, and the days of chilling without any office buzz. Let’s make retirement our best adventure yet.
  • To my rockstar wife: the office might miss you, but I’m loving the idea of having you all to myself.
  • Retirement suits you, babe! Time to put those work clothes away and slip into full relaxation mode.
  • To my favorite partner in crime, now officially retired from the rat race!
  • Guess what? The world’s coolest retiree award goes to you, my amazing wife! No more work stress, just pure unadulterated awesomeness ahead
  • Full of ups, downs, and tons of laughs. I’m beyond excited to see you embrace this new chapter with open arms.
  • And just like that, you’re free! Retirement means trading in business attire for comfy sweats and trading in meetings for quality time with moi.
  • Congratulations, party animal – you’re retired! The office might miss you, but I’ve got big plans to keep you entertained.
  • From coworker chats to endless hangouts, I’m stoked to have you around all the time now! Retirement looks stunning on you.
  • Cheers to the woman who’s officially free from the work grind! Retirement means more time for us.

Retirement Wishes For Dad

  • Hey Dad, welcome to the ‘Golfing Pro’ phase of life! Remember, you’re now the CEO of Relaxation Inc.
  • Dad, the daily grind is officially in your rearview mirror! 
  • Congrats, old man! You’ve graduated to ‘Professional Napper’ status.
  • To the man who’s worked hard enough to retire in style. 
  • They say life begins at retirement, and I’m pretty sure that means more time for grilling, more time for telling your epic dad jokes.
  • Dad, you’ve earned your ‘No More Monday Blues’ badge! Here’s to a retirement filled with golden sunsets, and endless tales by the fireplace.
  • Retirement tip: Don’t forget to schedule regular ‘do-nothing’ sessions, Dad. You’ve worked hard, and now it’s time to enjoy the simple pleasures in life.
  • Dad, your wisdom has always been a guiding light. Now that you’re retiring, may your days be as sunny and happy as the valuable advice you’ve given us.
  • Wishing my incredible dad all the joy and relaxation that retirement brings.
  • From the boardroom to the backyard, Dad’s journey to retirement is officially underway.
  • From ‘Boss Dad’ to ‘Chill Dad’ – the retirement transition is in full swing.

Retirement Wishes For Mom

  • To the OG multitasker – here’s to the retirement of pure relaxation!
  • Cheers to Mom’s new chapter of life – may every day be a Saturday in retirement.
  • To the woman who never stopped working for us, here’s to a retirement filled with ‘me-time.
  • Mom’s retirement: where every day is a weekend and the only boss is relaxation.
  • Sending Mom into retirement with love and laughter, because she’s earned every moment of it!
  • May Mom’s retirement be a symphony of leisure and happiness, conducted by her own desires.
  • As Mom closes the office door and opens one to leisure, here’s to a retirement worth its weight in gold!
  • Retirement suits Mom perfectly – she’s promoted to Chief Relaxation Officer now.
  • Retirement mode: ON. Let the good times roll for Mom!

Funny Retirement Wishes 

retirement wishes for them
  • Officially a professional napper! The retirement game is strong.
  • Turning in my office chair for a hammock – best decision ever!
  • They say life begins at 40, but it’s really just a warm-up for retirement’s epic adventures!
  • Clocking out for the last time – now you can finally become a full-time professional at doing nothing!
  • Here’s to leaving behind conference calls and embracing calls for tee times!
  • You’re now free to roam the world, annoy your grandkids, and monopolize the remote control.
  • Because pretending to work is no longer necessary. Enjoy pretending to be busy with fun stuff instead.
  • Retirement means you no longer have any excuses for not having time to play video games/golf/cards all day long.
  • We threw you a retirement party so you could meet all the people you’ll be annoying with boring stories from the “good old days” very soon.
  • Now you can get the senior discount on everything – bingo, movies, dinner. The savings will roll in like the golden years.

Emotional Retirement Wishes

retirement wishes for employees
  • We thank you for dedicating your life to this company. Your hard work and passion shall never be forgotten.
  • After giving so much of your time and energy, you now deserve to rest. We wish you a retirement filled with joy, happiness, and new adventures.
  • We are privileged to have worked by your side for so long. Wishing you a retirement spent celebrating your immense contributions.
  • Your expertise and wisdom have been a gift to us all. Thank you for inspiring us. 
  • So much of who we are today is because of your guidance and support. You leave such big shoes to fill but also rich lessons to last forever.
  • We poured our hearts into this company alongside you. Now it’s time for you to pour your heart into the things that fuel your own.
  • You fought passionately for our vision, our values and our people. Now it’s our turn to cheer passionately for your happiness and joy in retirement.

Humorous Retirement Wishes

write in a retirement card
  • Now that you’re retired, you can finally devote all your time to perfecting your ‘world’s greatest coffee drinker’ title.
  • Remember, in this new phase of life, the only deadlines you have are the ones for getting snacks during TV commercials.
  • Cheers to leaving behind the days of office politics and saying hello to a lifetime of deciding between pajamas or sweatpants as your official work attire.
  • Welcome to retirement, where the only traffic jams you’ll encounter are the ones in the grocery store’s snack aisle.
  • Now that you’re retired, you can finally become the professional napper you were always destined to be.
  • Congratulations on reaching the end of your working days and entering the ‘start every day with a smile’ era.

Inspirational Retirement Wishes

heartfelt retirement wishes
  • Congratulations on reaching this milestone! May your retirement be filled with endless joy, new adventures, and the sweet satisfaction of a life well-lived. Cheers to the next chapter!
  • Retirement is not an end, but a beginning of a lifelong vacation. Enjoy your well-deserved break!
  • May your retirement be filled with endless days of relaxation, adventure, and joy. You’ve earned it
  • Wishing you a retirement where every day feels like a Saturday and all your dreams come true.
  • Susan, may travel bring you joy and new adventures. Congratulations on retirement.
  • Kevin, go chase your dreams. The world is your playground now.
  • Make the most of every moment. Live it up in retirement, my friend!
  • I hope retirement brings you creativity, laughter and joy. You do you!
  • Enjoy exploring new hobbies and activities in retirement. Wishing you all the best in this next chapter of life!

What Makes Good Retirement Wishes?

retirement messages

Retirement wishes should be heartfelt and friendly. Here are some tips to make them great:

  • Be Genuine: Write from your heart. Share your honest feelings and show that you genuinely care.
  • Keep It Positive: Focus on the exciting journey ahead and the well-deserved rest. Avoid anything negative or about getting old.
  • Keep It Short: Short and sweet is the way to go. A few heartfelt lines are better than a lengthy message.
  • Mention Achievements: Acknowledge their accomplishments and the value they’ve brought to their work.
  • Use Humor (if appropriate): A little humor can lighten the mood, but make sure it’s something they’ll find funny.
  • Share Future Plans: If you know their retirement plans, mention them. It shows you’re interested in their next chapter.
  • Express Gratitude: Thank them for their friendship and contributions.
  • Use Their Name: Personalize the wish with their name for a warm touch.
  • Share Well Wishes: Express your hope for good health, happiness, and relaxation in their retirement.
  • Add a Closing Line: Finish with a warm closing, like “Best wishes” or “Congratulations!”

What To Write On A Retirement Card?

  • Celebrate Their Achievement: Begin by extending your heartfelt congratulations on their retirement, marking a significant milestone.
  • Highlight Their Impact: Take a moment to acknowledge and appreciate the positive influence they’ve had through their work. Share how their contributions have made a real difference.
  • Recall Fond Memories: Share a special memory that highlights your bond or showcases their unique qualities. Reflect on a moment that brings a smile to your face.
  • Offer Hopeful Wishes: Express your sincere hopes and wishes for their retirement journey. Paint a picture of the joyful and fulfilling moments that lie ahead.

Ways To Write Retirement Wishes

Here are some best ways to write retirement wishes:

  • Traditional congrats
  • Emotional wishes
  • Playful wishes
  • Inspiring messages
  • Warm memories
  • Best wishes for future
  • Quoting wisdom
  • Simple wishes
  • Humourous wishes

Tips For Writing Good Retirement Wishes 

  • Be Sincere: Write from the heart and genuinely express your feelings. Your words should reflect your true emotions.
  • Write In Positive Tone: Focus on the positive aspects of retirement, such as relaxation, new adventures, and personal growth.
  • Personalize Your Message: Mention specific memories, achievements, or qualities of the retiree to make your message more personal.
  • Use Simple Language: Keep your language clear and easy to understand. Avoid complex words or jargon.
  • Short and Sweet: Keep your message concise. A few well-chosen words can be more impactful than a long message.
  • Share Well Wishes: Wish the retiree well for the future and express your hopes for their happiness and fulfillment.
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