A Detailed Study on Domino’s Slogans And Taglines

When pizza comes to your mind, you head out to the world’s most popular pizza chain. I am talking about Domino’s, which is the main homestay of pizzas. Founded in 1960, Domino’s has established itself by offering signature pizzas. Over the years, Domino’s gained popularity for its commitment to delivering hot and fresh pizzas within 30 minutes. Let’s learn about Domino’s slogans and taglines and its history to date.

Domino’s Pizza is one of the most iconic pizza chains, and an important part of its success is its slogans and taglines. These are marketing messages that strongly represent the brand in the fast food market. Domino’s has always played smart in offering its food products by using catchy lines that clearly suggest what it offers. 

In this blog, we will check out Domino’s slogans and taglines that have been changed over the years. These amazing Domino’s slogans are quite popular among the fast-food crowd. If you are also into the pizza business, these pizza slogans will definitely inspire you. So, stick with me till the end. If you wish to read about Domino’s biggest competitor, Pizza Hut, then you can explore everything about Pizza Hut’s history and brand’s slogans.

Quick Info About Domino’s Pizza  

Founding Year1960
FounderTom Monaghan and James Monaghan
HeadquartersAnn Arbor, Michigan, USA
Global PresenceOperates in over 90 countries worldwide
Popular ItemsPepperoni Pizza, Margherita Pizza, Chicken Wings
TechnologyUtilizes online ordering and pizza tracker
Franchise ModelMainly operates through a franchise system
InnovationsIntroduced HeatWave bags for hotter deliveries
Marketing Slogan“Oh yes we did!”

Best Domino’s Slogans And Taglines

Over the period of time, Domino’s has changed its marketing slogans and taglines to stay relevant to the trend. Here are some of the best and most famous Domino’s slogans and taglines that have helped the brand to always stay in trend. Let’s delve into the detailed study of Domino’s slogans.

1. We’ll Deliver In 30 Minutes Or Less, Or It’s Free!

It’s a famous and catchy Domino’s slogan because it promises quick delivery and a free meal if they’re late. The urgency of this slogan makes it stand out, tapping into our love for swift service. Originally from the 1980s, it became iconic. Although the 30-minute guarantee was dropped due to safety, the slogan still embodies their commitment to speedy delivery.

2. Oh Yes We Did!

Bold and memorable, it signifies a daring accomplishment or innovation, creating an element of surprise that captures attention.

3. Get The Door. It’s Domino’s

Directly associates Domino’s with pizza delivery, emphasizing convenience and prompting the image of a delicious pizza arriving at your doorstep.

4. It’s All Good

The simplicity of this slogan is its strength. It conveys a laid-back and positive vibe, assuring customers that their experience with Domino’s is hassle-free and enjoyable. The catchiness lies in its universal appeal and the promise of an overall good experience.

5. It’s What We Do

This slogan is straightforward and effective. It communicates Domino’s primary expertise – delivering pizzas. The catchiness comes from its simplicity and the confidence it exudes, reinforcing the idea that Domino’s excels in its core offering.

6. You Got 30 Minutes, We Got Pizza

This slogan is catchy because it builds on the iconic 30-minute delivery guarantee. It creates a sense of urgency and reliability, assuring customers that Domino’s is ready to fulfill their pizza cravings promptly. The time constraint adds a competitive edge, making it memorable.

7. No.1 Pizza Delivery Experts

The catchiness here lies in the claim of being the number one pizza delivery expert. It positions Domino’s as a top choice, instilling confidence in customers that they are choosing a service with unparalleled expertise in delivering pizzas.

8. Order On The Go With Domino’s App

In the age of smartphones, this slogan is catchy as it taps into the convenience of modern technology. It highlights the Domino’s app, making it easy for customers to order pizza wherever they are.

9. All New Domino’s. Now More Affordable.

Domino’s attracts budget-conscious customers, suggesting that Domino’s is not only new and improved but also accessible to a wider audience due to its affordability.

10. Domino’s. Your New 3 Am Friend.

The slogan suggests that Domino’s is there for you even in the late hours, positioning the brand as a reliable companion during late-night cravings.

11. Something To Melt Your Heart

Domino’s pizza is not just tasty but emotionally satisfying, creating an appeal that goes beyond the palate. The phrase “melt your heart” adds a warm and sentimental touch to the pizza experience.

12. Do Your Slice

Do your slice cleverly plays on the popular expression “do your thing.” It encourages customers to customize and enjoy their pizza just the way they like it. It’s a playful invitation for customers to personalize their pizza experience.

13. Piece Of The Pie Rewards

The slogan promises rewards that customers will get every time they purchase. It introduces a loyalty program, enticing customers to stay connected with Domino’s and be rewarded for their loyalty. The idea of getting a “piece of the pie” adds a playful element to the rewards program.

14. We Delivery Delight 

This slogan combines the joy of delivery with the promise of a delightful experience. It suggests that Domino’s not only delivers pizzas but also delivers a positive and enjoyable overall experience. The catchiness lies in the use of the word “delight,” creating a memorable and positive association with the brand.

15. For Hot, Friendly, Fast Delivery, Call Domino’s Pizza

It emphasizes the appeal of piping hot pizzas, a friendly customer experience, and quick delivery. The repetition of the word “fast” reinforces the commitment to speedy service. A straightforward and memorable tagline that makes it easy for customers to recall Domino’s when they want to order pizza.

History of Domino’s Pizza

Dominos logo history

Two brothers, Tom and James Monaghan, opened a small pizza place in Michigan, USA in 1960. They called it DomiNick’s but later changed it to Domino’s.

In the beginning, the brothers faced challenges. James left, and Tom was left alone. He struggled to maintain the business, but in 1965, he got help from a delivery expert named Jim Kennedy. They changed the name to Domino’s Pizza and focused on delivering pizzas to people’s homes.

Domino’s became known for its 30-minute delivery promise. If they were late, you got the pizza for free! This made them popular, and the company grew fast. By the 1980s, Domino’s had stores worldwide.

Today, Domino’s is one of the biggest pizza chains globally, with millions enjoying their pizzas every day.

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How Did Domino’s Get Its Name?

How Did Domino’s Get Its Name

Before it was Domino’s, the brand was called Dominick Pizza. But for marketing purposes, Tom needed a catchy name that would be recognized as a brand. A persona named Jim Kennedy came up with a new name Domino’s which is quite relevant to the restaurant’s original name. 

Moreover, the Domino’s logo, with its bright red, white, and blue domino and three dots, is as iconic as the pizzas themselves. But there’s an interesting story behind the design, one that goes beyond just representing the brand’s name.

The first Domino’s logo, introduced in 1965, featured a domino with three white dots. These dots weren’t just decorative; they represented the three original Domino’s locations that existed at the time. The founders, Tom and James Monaghan, had a playful idea – to add a new dot for every new store that opened.

However, as Domino’s began its rapid expansion, the dot-adding plan quickly became impractical. The color scheme of the logo also carries meaning. The red evokes passion and energy, while the white symbolizes purity and cleanliness. The blue represents trust and reliability – qualities Domino’s wanted to be associated with.

The domino itself is a symbol of growth and connection. Just like dominoes topple one after another, Domino’s stores continued to open across the country, creating a domino effect of pizza goodness.

Domino’s Mission Statement

Our mission is to redefine convenience by creating inspired food, picked up in three minutes or safely delivered in 10.

Domino’s Vision Statement

Our vision is to lead the internet of food in every neighbourhood.  

Domino’s Motto

Domino’s current motto is “You’re Never Far From A Domino’s.

Creative Domino’s Pizza Marketing Campaigns

Creative Domino’s Pizza Marketing Campaigns

Domino’s has been known for its outlandish and effective marketing campaigns for years, and the US has been a prime testing ground for many of them. Here are some of the most creative Domino’s pizza marketing campaigns in the USA:

1. Paving for Pizza

In 2018, Domino’s tackled the pothole problem in several US cities with its “Paving for Pizza” campaign. They partnered with local governments to repair potholes in exchange for free pizza for residents. This not only improved the roads but also generated positive buzz for the brand.

2. Wedding Registry

Forget silverware and toasters! Domino’s launched a pizza wedding registry in 2019, allowing couples to register for their favorite pizzas and sides. This quirky campaign tapped into the growing trend of personalized wedding experiences and resonated with younger demographics. 

3. Emoji Ordering

In 2016, Domino’s made ordering pizza even easier with its emoji ordering feature. Customers could simply tweet or text a pizza emoji to Domino’s to place an order. This innovative approach catered to the rise of mobile communication and made ordering pizza fun and convenient.

4. Domino’s DXP

In 2019, Domino’s unveiled its autonomous delivery vehicle, the Domino’s DXP. This high-tech car delivered pizzas directly to customers’ doorsteps, sparking excitement and curiosity about the future of pizza delivery.

5. AnyWare Ordering

Domino’s has pushed the boundaries of pizza ordering with its AnyWare ordering platform. Customers can now order pizza through smart speakers, car dashboards, and even fitness trackers. This omnichannel approach makes it easier than ever for customers to get their pizza fix, no matter where they are.

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Fun Facts About Domino’s Pizza

Are you excited to know some amazing fun facts about Domino’s Pizza? Then, let’s discover some eye-opening facts that will shock you. 

  • Domino’s was one of the first pizza delivery companies. The brand introduced the pizza delivery guarantee in the late 2000s.
  • Pepperoni is the most popular Domino’s pizza topping in the U.S., followed by sausage, bacon, mushrooms, and pineapple.
  • Domino’s two-time World’s Fastest Pizza Maker Zagros Jaff can make three large pizzas in just 70 seconds.
  • The chain has gotten creative with its delivery allowing users to order via Twitter and Slack.
  • Domino’s tested pizza delivery by drone.


Domino’s Pizza has created a memorable buzz among youngsters. They embraced innovation, focusing on speed, convenience, and customer feedback. The result? A technological revolution in pizza order, with online platforms, mobile apps, and even pizza-tracking technology puts Domino’s in domination. With this, I conclude the blog and hope you enjoyed reading the sizzling story of Domino’s.

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