Burger Shop Name Ideas

101 Burger Shop Name Ideas To Attract Customers

Hovering over internet to find one exciting burger shop name ideas? No worries! Your search ends here. These below burger restaurant name ideas inspired by famous brand names.

These are not just names made out of words, they make meaning, word play, and based on the principles of how to name your business. 

With the help of these names, your burger restaurant will gain popularity. The names that I have listed here will be catchy and simple enough to draw attention. 

So, get to know the list down below and find the most attractive name for your restaurant. Choosing the name out of this list will definitely inspire you and give you lots of ideas on how you can name your burger business. Get the names below. 

One Word Burger Shop Name Ideas

Here are the best one-word burger name ideas that are catchy and easy to remember.

One Word Burger Shop Name Ideas
  • What-a-burger
  • Plan B Burger
  • Burger Junction
  • Burger Barn
  • Burger Factory 
  • Burger Hub
  • Brioche Burg
  • Burgrill
  • Bun Burger
  • William Show’s Burger
  • BurgerJoint
  • The Big Jhon Burger
  • Bite Burg
  • Jimis Burger
  • Burger Baron
  • Beefy Bites
  • Jumbo King 
  • Burger Uncle
  • FatBurger
  • Gusto Burger
  • Grill Master
  • Burger Land
  • Bite Me Burger
  • MCA Burger (Ministery of Cheesy Affairs)
  • Burger Ville
  • Burger Works
  • Buns On Buns
  • Top Burger
  • The Burger Box
  • Burger Frenzy
  • The Burger Craze
  • Burger Heaven

Cool Burger Name Ideas

Let’s look at some cool burger shop names that are trendy, and gen z.

Cool Burger Shop Name Ideas
  • Burger Bistro
  • Crispy Cow
  • Patty Palace
  • Juicy Joint
  • Big Bite Burger
  • Mighty Meaty
  • Cheesy Champ
  • Burger Barn
  • Grilled Gourmet
  • Savory Shack
  • The Classic Co.
  • Truffle Tooper
  • Veggie Vault 
  • Retro Patty
  • Steakhouse Burger
  • Asian Fusion Burger
  • Flipper’s Grill
  • Burger Bomb
  • Burger Spot
  • Bite Me Burger
  • Burger Boys
  • Little Burgers
  • Mr. Burger
  • Burger Institute
  • Burger Saga
  • Burger Street
  • For The Burgers
  • Burger & I

Catchy Burger Shop Name Ideas

Let’s get you a list of catchy restaurant names.

Catchy Burger Name Ideas
  • Burger And More
  • Burger Ly
  • Burger Station
  • Burger Bros
  • Smoked Grill
  • Burger Empire
  • Burger Joint 
  • Burger Express
  • Grill N Bite
  • Gourmet Burger Hub
  • Prime Pattys
  • Yum Burger 
  • Burger Up 
  • Yeah Right!
  • The Black Buns
  • Fuel Shack
  • BurgerMe
  • Chilox Burger
  • Le Fat Burger
  • Mustache Burger
  • The Hungry Boy Burger
  • Mother Burger
  • Kiko’s Burger
  • Mifers Burger
  • Barrel Sandwich
  • Mr. T Burger
  • Mr. Hungry
  • Belly Nomad
  • Yalla Bull 
  • Wowly Burger 

Things You Should Consider While Choosing Burger Restaurants Names 

Names are your identity. The kind of name you choose gives you a targeted audience. For example, if you burger shop name is ‘Veggie Paradise’, people will know that your burger restaurant offers vegetarian burgers. 

A burger name evokes emotions, excitement and stays on people’s mind. You know the main thumbrule of choosing name which is easy to pronounce and easy to remember. 

You can choose catchy, cool names and one-word burger names as I have suggested in the article. You will notice every name that I have suggested are straightforward and no need to scratch on mind. 

If you are looking to name your burger business by anytime, below tips are foolproof and must to keep in mind. 

1. A Catchy Yet Simple Name Will Always Work

Your burger shop name has a power to position your brand in the market. There are so many burger restaurants out there which can have same names. But in that case, if you can use some wise ideas to name your restaurant. 

For example, you can go on the name of the founder. Like Wendy’s or Papa Jhon’s are there, name your restaurant based on founder’s name. Your success story of starting a chain will be remembered forever and will be unique too.

Apart from that, there many one-word burger shop names or rhymes names. They are straightforward and good to use like Chops and Hops, or Dicy Spicy. These names will be on people’s mind and make your restaurant hit. 

So, choose a name that’s simple yet attractive. Hard to pronounce names will not make any impact on people’s mind. Make sure you keep the name that itself does a word-of-mouth advertising for you. 

2. Name On Location 

Here is the drill. Naming your burger restaurant on the location base is quite relatable. For example, Texas Roadhouse is the name based on it’s location. It’s a famous and top 10 United States Steak House. It’s contribution to the city’s specialty steaks that are only sold by Roadhouse. 

3. Base Your Name On Signature Dish

Did you know that choosing the right name for your restaurant can have a huge impact on the kind of customers you attract? Imagine having a restaurant named ‘Tacos and Tequila’.

Doesn’t that just make your taste buds tingle with excitement? By giving your restaurant a name that reflects your specialty, you can draw in customers who are taco lovers.


Here we come an end of some coolest burger restaurant name ideas. The list includes amazing burger names that just fit in your criteria. Keep coming on Brand Peps for such cool name ideas. See you soon with next post. Signing off!

Saloni Desai

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